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Central Florida has a thriving population of yellow jackets and multiple types of wasps, and they can quickly become a problem around your home and property.

8125230_sYellow Jackets

The most common wasp is the Yellow Jacket. Their nests are typically football shaped and hang from tree branches or under the soffits of your home. You may also find their nests in the ground, in tree stumps, holes in walls, attics and many other unexpected places. A single queen governs the building of the nest starting in the early spring and she will die at the end of the season. Yellow Jacket nests are not used repeatedly. Instead, new ones will be developed each spring.

15058055_sBald Faced Hornets

Bald Faced hornets are larger than the typical Yellow Jacket and are black and white in color. Their nests can become quite large, and they consist of a single queen and sterile females who serve as the workers. In the late summer these hornets will leave their nests and mate. The queens that survive the overwintering process will then start a new nest the following season.

7493384_sPaper Wasps

Paper wasps are easily detected by their dark bodies and long legs that dangle below them when they fly. Nests of the paper wasps resemble upside down umbrellas and are usually found in the dormer area of your house, in your garden shed, orĀ even under the lid of your barbecue grill. These nests are constructed of paper - made from chewed wood fibers of old fences and porch decks. The queens tend to overwinter (find a safe warm place to wait out winter and raise her young). Paper wasps will usually build their new nest on the same house.

Mud Daubers

Generally shiny black or blue in color, Mud Daubers will build nests made of mud on the side of your house or under the eaves.

Controlling Yellow Jackets & Wasps

Trying to control yellow jackets and wasps yourself can be a hazardous undertaking and can leave you with painful stings. Call the professionals at Country Boy Pest Control to remove these nests in an environmentally responsible, safe, timely and cost effective manner.



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