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Arachnophobia: Overcoming Your Fear of Spiders

Anxiety about spiders (arachnids) is quite common, but sometimes this fear can surpass the range of "normal" and be an outright phobia.  If your fear of spiders (and creatures like them) causes you to have panic attacks, or affects your day-to-day life and how you function, then you might need help to overcome these feelings…
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Rainy Day Blues: Keeping Bugs Out When The Weather Turns Wet

Rainy season has arrived here in Central Florida, and as Polk County has been getting slammed with storms all day, every day, for the past week, Country Boy has been hearing plenty of complaints about invading insects from homeowners across the area.  While it's true that dry weather can drive insects indoors in search of…
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Know Before You Buy: How Inspections Prevent Costly Mistakes

Here in Central Florida, real estate is a hot commodity.  With a thriving local scene in the nearby Lakeland area, and two large, sister cities of Orlando and Tampa, there is no shortage of business opportunity.  Tourist attractions, wildlife viewing, beaches, and more beckon to people from all over the US, and we have plenty…
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