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Naughty or Nice? Where Will YOU Fall on Our List?

Christmas is almost here and we're all waiting to see if we've made the famous "Naughty or Nice" list this year. While we don't have a sneak peak for Santa's original copy, we do have our own version we'd like to share. See, pest control has it's own set of criteria for what you get…
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Not-So-Fancy Feast: Keeping Critters Out of Your Pet’s Food

It's a situation dreaded by pet-owners everywhere. You come in to feed your pet and find out that critters other than Fido or kitty have been chowing down. Whether food remnants left in the bowl have attracted a few ants, or the food has been attacked by rodents right out of the container, no pet…
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Getting Ready for Guests…or Pests?

With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, homeowners around Polk County are preparing for the holiday by picking out the perfect bird for roasting, pulling out old family recipes, and for those with family and close friends who live far away, possibly preparing for out-of-town guests. While you're preparing for those guests, you could discover that you've…
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