Do Animals Care About the Solar Eclipse?

moon-999356_640Yesterday's solar eclipse made a big impact on folks here around Polk County, and people throughout Central Florida had their eyes to the skies when the time rolled around. Whether you spent money on solar eclipse glasses, or packed up your family and headed north to see the total eclipse from one of the determined vantage points, chances are you made at least some investment in the eclipse, even if it was just your time. This natural occurrence caused people around the world to stand up and take notice of the sun and moon's pattern, for at least this one day, but we often forget that many animals stay in tune with these changes on a daily basis.

We wondered, then, if in the pest world (primarily insects) changes were felt thanks to the eclipse. Some experts say yes. Studies have been done watching the behavior patterns of insects, birds, and other animals before, during, and following a solar eclipse, and there are findings that they do indeed alter their behavior when environmental changes like a solar eclipse occur. Many of these experts think that the changes in temperature and/or light because of the eclipse are what affect the creatures, rather than the actual eclipse itself. Whatever the reason, it's amazing that even the smallest of critters are in tune with their environment and change their feeding/sleeping schedule, their daytime habits, and more when something like a storm, a seasonal change, or even yesterday's solar eclipse takes place.

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