While You’re Away, The Pests Will Play

florida-43781_640Throughout the months of October and November, we enjoy welcoming our "snowbird" residents back to Polk County and helping them settle back into their Floridian routine. Oftentimes, seasonal residents have a long list of to-dos facing them when they return from their summer travels up North, and pest control can be at the top of that list. This is especially true if they didn't invest in a pest control contract that spanned their absence. If you think that your home really stays empty while you're away, you could come home to some pretty unfortunate circumstances and evidence of some very unwelcome visitors.

Pests can, and do, invade homes left vacant by seasonal residents. Just because cooking, grocery buying, water usage, etc. cease while you are away, that doesn't mean your home is completely unappealing to invaders. Just what can happen while you're enjoying the cooler weather outside of Florida?

  • Ants can take over your yard...and your closets! Ants thrive, and their colonies quickly grow during our wet, Florida summers. That wet weather can also push them up into the foundation of your home, and they can find their way inside through crevices in closets, cabinets, or even windows and doors. If you don't have ongoing pest control treatments for your home AND lawn, you could be welcomed home by an army of ants.
  • Roaches could be hiding under your fridge...and in your cabinets, under your stove, and behind your kitchen furniture. Roaches don't need much motivation to make their way into your home, and an empty, dark house is practically calling them in.
  • Rodents, such as rats and mice, love an empty home over the summer. It offers shade, a quiet place to nest, and a variety of materials to choose from for building their own cozy home. They especially love cabinets, attic spaces, etc. and will leave plenty of "evidence" to let you know they've been around. Having rodents is dangerous not only because of disease risks, but also because they chew wiring that could spark a fire if you're unaware of the problem.

Don't leave your home unprotected. Next year when it's time to hit the road for your summer trip up North, leave with the peace of mind that your house is protected. Country Boy Pest Control offers year-round pest protection for our clients, even if you aren't home. Our trusted technicians can set up a custom contract package for you, including treatments during your absence so you come home to a pest-free home every time. Give us a call to get started NOW!

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