We Are Thankful for YOU! Why Local Customer Support Is Important for Small Businesses

thanksgiving-2903166_640Thanksgiving is almost here, and everyone is taking time to step back and reflect on the things in their lives they are most thankful for this holiday season. Here at Country Boy Pest Control, we are, of course, thankful for our many blessings including family and friends, but we are also thankful for YOU! Yes, you made our list this year, because without our loyal, local customer base, Country Boy Pest Control couldn't exist.

We aren't the only ones counting our blessings (er, customers), as all local businesses depend upon a local clientele to keep going. From the bakeries, shops, and restaurants in Downtown Winter Haven, to cleaning services, auto repair shops, and other service-oriented companies in Polk County, we all recognize and appreciate the locals who give us frequent, and consistent, employment by using our services. Why is local support so important to small businesses, and how does customer appreciation play a part in that?

We were hoping you'd ask...

It's a Relationship, Not a Contract. When you use a local business long-term, you get to know the business, and they get to know YOU. Country Boy technicians know our regulars, and they'll be able to greet you by name, ask about the family, and make your routine pest control treatment feel like a visit from a friend. You won't get that kind of service from a major corporation.

Better Understanding of Local Needs. Local, small business better understand the needs of our clients since they aren't just customers, but also neighbors who live and work in our own community. For us, that means we understand the issues that come along with the variety of pests prominent in and around Central Florida, and we are prepared to handle them with firsthand experience. Locals just "get it", and when you use a nearby small business, you're employing a local.

Stronger Local Economy. By using your own funds to purchase from, and support, a local business, that money is going back into your own community. Chances are, that business owner will end up using goods or services that come back to you eventually, thus creating the beautiful circle of a local economy that will grow and thrive if its members continue to support local business as much as possible.

Country Boy Pest Control is proud to serve the greater Polk County area here in Florida, and we want to say THANK YOU for the many years of support that we've received from our customers. You are appreciated and your loyalty is recognized by each of us here. We look forward to serving you with many more years of top-quality pest control.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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