The Country Boy Welcome Home Checklist for Snowbirds

home-1439966_640As we end August this week, and head into September, we know people will have Fall on the brain. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING will be on every corner, warm colors and comfort food will take over the local restaurants and shops, and here in Central Florida, we'll be welcoming back our snowbirds. "Snowbirds", for those who don't know, are how we fondly refer to Florida residents who head to a northern location for the warmer (scorching hot) summer months here at home. Once the weather begins to turn cooler up north though, they head back to the Sunshine State, and we're ready for them!

Unfortunately, there could be other visitors waiting for them too, inside their own home. Whenever you're away from your house for long periods of time, you leave the opportunity for pets to make themselves welcome. This is especially true if you don't have ongoing pest control services being taken care of while you're gone (more about that below). When you return home after your summer hiatus, run through this checklist to make sure you aren't bedding down with some unwelcome bugs...

  • Check all kitchen cabinets and drawers for any evidence of insect or rodent visitors. Any waste, visibly chewed up wires or wood, or crumbs that weren't there when you left could all be signs that you have had someone, or something, sneaking around your house.
  • Look for the obvious: a large number of dead (or living!) bugs anywhere in your home. While you'll sometimes find dead roaches or other insects near the perimeters of your home, or around doors/windows, where they've crossed the pest control treatment threshold, any significant number of insects congregated in your home could indicate a problem.
  • Look for cobwebs. Of course, these are inevitable to some degree when you aren't home and aren't cleaning regularly, but if you notice more than a moderate amount, especially if they still have residents hanging out in them, you probably have a spider problem.

If you've come home and found some clues as to who was living in your home while you were away, Country Boy Pest Control is ready to help you reclaim your house. Even better, we can help you prevent this from happening next summer with our routine pest control treatments that carry on even when you're away from home. We offer convenient payment options, including a prepayment opportunity, and we take the utmost care in making sure your home is well taken care of while you are away. We can ensure that you come home to a pest-free environment EVERY year, no matter how long you roam outside of Polk County.

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