That STINKS! How Stink Bugs Can Ruin Your Garden

bug-1436910_640Central Florida has a wider variety of pest species, from fire ants and cockroaches, to too-friendly squirrels and raccoons that enjoy ransacking your garbage cans and your picnic baskets. We are no stranger to these pests, especially insects, ruining our lawns, our landscaping, and our gardens, but some varieties of insect are worse than others. One of those "extra-awful" invasive critters is the stink bug.

Stink bugs aren't necessarily the most well-known of the insect world. These flat, shield-shaped insects like warm weather best, and during cold months, they bed down in and around clumps of weeds or dead foliage, old boards, under stones, or anywhere else they can stay warm and find shelter. When spring comes though, they come out ready to eat, and BOY do they eat! They feed primarily on thistles and plants around them at first, but as they travel and prepare for laying their eggs, they can take over crops of fruits and vegetables, plans used in landscaping, etc. They are not picky eaters, and if you end up with a large number of them on your property, they can wipe out your plants in very little time. Because they aren't a preferred taste for many predators, it can be hard to keep them under control without the use of outside pest control.

Want to protect your garden and landscaping from this "stinky" situation?

Do your best to remove any hideout areas for these insects so they don't have a place to bed down! Get rid of debris and clutter in your yard, clear out overgrowth and dead weeds and grass, and if you have stones and/or items they can hide under, consider treating those areas specifically with pest deterrents. By taking away their places to hide out, you are less likely to get an overload of them in the spring and summer. Polk County residents know that the next step is to call Country Boy Pest Control. We can come out and evaluate your situation, give you tips on how to cut down on the stink bug issue, and we can treat all, or parts, of your yard and landscaping with ornamental sprays that will protect your plants from not just stink bugs, but other invasive critters as well. We offer on-the-spot estimates when we come out, so you know what to expect each time, so give us a call and get rid of the stink!stink

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