Stroke of Bad Luck? Better Call Country Boy

B_6P-LMUQAA0yvNSt. Patrick's Day (and the week around it) usually means shamrocks, good food, and a fun time with friends, but for an unlucky few here in Central Florida, it could mean dealing with the beginnings of an infestation.  Thanks to our cold weather this week, paired with the parties and extensive amounts of food and drinks being left out (or strewn about on the floor or in your yard), insects are likely to be heading toward YOUR door, and if you're not ready for them, you could be facing a serious pest issue.

Pests like ants, roaches, and even rodents are attracted to your home when the temperatures drop because,'s warm!  Our critters here in Polk County aren't accustomed to these temps when it's almost Spring, and they're probably not too fond of this change in weather.  Your home seems awfully cozy, and if you aren't protected, they could be snuggling up right in your pantry, your carpet, or your closets.  Attics are also a huge meeting place, especially for the rodents, since they capture heat coming through the roof and provide a toasty environment for mice, rats, or even squirrels to bed down.

Additionally, the St. Patty's celebrations going on this week mean you probably have more garbage than usual, and could also have crumbs and/or spills left that are beckoning to pests all around your home.  Just because you don't see the residue from your party doesn't mean the ants and roaches can't stiff it out, and they'll be flocking inside.  Your best bet is to be proactive about sweeping, mopping, and sealing and getting rid of all garbage following every gathering.  This removes the temptation for insects to enter your home.

The best way to protect yourself?  Be proactive with your pest control service.  Having routine pest control and staying on top of your home's defenses against pests of all kinds, and when the weather changes or parties happen, you're already set up to keep the insects and rodents outside where they belong.  Country Boy is ready when you call, and we can treat your house and your yard for ants, roaches, rodents, fleas, ticks, and more.  Our office is conveniently located in Auburndale, so we can get to you quickly, no matter where you live in the Polk County area, from Lakeland all the way to Lake Wales and everywhere in between.

Don't risk letting pests put a damper on your Spring season.  Call Country Boy and every day can be your lucky day!

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