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Country Boy's Advanced Fly Management Plan
Is the Answer to Your Tough Fly Problems...

15256269_sIt's no secret that flies are, and always have been, a big nuisance. They pose a health risk for both humans and animals. Flies target food sources and contaminate them with numerous bacteria, often causing the spread of illnesses and disease. In a very short time your home and/or business can become a breeding ground for flies, leading to a total infestation of these dirty little insects.

Trying to control flies on your own is next to impossible. So what are you to do?


Country Boy's Fly Management Treatment Plan is the answer to your fly problem. Your plan will be customized for your environment in order to target the fly population in the most effective way possible. First, breeding sites need to be eliminated, since that is the key to successfully controlling the fly population. Their life cycle is short, so just killing the adult flies will not keep the problem under control.

At Country Boy, our  Fly Management Treatment Plan includes:

Inspection: A complete area sweep will be conducted in order to locate potential breeding sites, access points, and attractants.

Identification: We will identify the types of flies that are present in order to provide the proper treatment for the maximum benefit.

Sanitation: Implementing good sanitation practices is one of the major factors in eliminating a fly infestation.

Exclusion: We attempt to prevent access to the places where flies can enter by sealing and caulking these areas.

Product/Chemical Control: Environmentally friendly materials may also be used in fly control and  extermination.

Mechanical Controls: Fly traps and ultraviolet lights are additional methods of fly control in County Boy's arsenal.


Country Boy Pest Control utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and is an Eco-Friendly pest control company that works out of the Lakeland FL area and services both Polk and Hardee County.


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