Flea Control

16693605_sFleas can live almost anywhere; they nest in your carpet, your furniture and even outdoors in your yard. Fleas lay their eggs wherever they nest, and they are one of the most difficult insects to get rid of because the inside of your home, your lawn, and your pets all have to be treated at the same time.

Additionally, did you know that you don't have to have pets in order to have fleas?

The wildlife that lives around your home (such as squirrels, rodents, rabbits, mice, etc.) carry fleas on them. The fleas can drop off anywhere, including your very own yard. As you walk up your driveway to your front door - a flea can jump from the grass to your pants or shoes, without you knowing, and you walk in the door with no idea that you carried fleas into your own home. Since fleas need to eat and they thrive on blood, your pets, and even YOU, become a prime food source.

Treating a flea infestation properly requires a professional plan of attack so as to completely eliminate each of the life cycles of the flea. Most of the do-it-yourself methods will only kill one life cycle of the flea. Within a short period of time the fleas will be back. The best way to ensure that your flea infestation is gotten rid of the first time and will not return is to call in the professionals. Our trained specialists at Country Boy Pest Control can assist you in eliminating your flea infestation and keeping them gone!


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