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Country Boy Pest Control realizes how critical pest control issues are in your business facility. Pests can carry numerous health concerns for you, your employees and your customers. You have likely been pressured by all the environmental issues to reduce pesticide use to control the problem. So, what are you to do? Call Country Boy Pest Control today and we will customize a pest control plan that is designed to keep those pesky bugs and rodents away.


Our trained and licensed personnel will perform a thorough examination of your building to determine what the pest control level is. We look at the habits of your staff, the construction of your building and other factors, so we can customize a plan that best fits your needs.

Plan Design & Treatment Specifications

We take into consideration all results of our initial inspection when we determine the frequency of future inspections. Control measures start with our initial service. As the pest population levels drop, we continue to monitor for both rodents and pests.

Service and Evaluation

We are constantly reviewing and evaluating your program as it progresses. Supervisors and our Licensed Professionals will be on-site periodically to track success rates, make recommendations, and address your concerns.

Your Role in the IPM Process
We can't take all the credit for our successes because you, the customer, plays an important role. In our initial meeting we will go over your role in detail; however, here is a brief look at what your role would be:

  1. Commitment. You and your staff must be committed to the plan we develop for you.
  2. Funding. Recommendations made by our staff may sometimes require a financial commitment.
  3. Follow-through. We will give you recommendations we feel are pertinent to your needs. It's important that you follow through on each step.
  4. Communication. This is probably the most important aspect of the program. All pest sightings, alterations, and concerns must be conveyed to our staff. The key to success in our any of our plans, is working together as partners.


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