Chinch Bugs

If you have St. Augustine grass, then there is a good chance you also have Chinch Bugs!

St Augustine grass is a very popular grass here in Central Florida. It is also the main food source for Chinch Bugs. They feed off of the sap that's at the grass blade's root - chinch_bugsthus killing your grass. Once the Chinch Bugs establish themselves in your yard, you will start to see brown spots forming on your lawn. Once Chinch bugs starts to feed, it could be too late. The recovery of your grass could almost be impossible.

County Boy Pest Control recommends, during the spring and summer months, having an inspection of your lawn done weekly to look for areas where the grass is turning brown. The most common areas where you may find Chinch Bugs are in high-sun spots and along curbs, sidewalks and driveways.

When you find an area of your grass turning brown you need to call County Boy Pest Control to have one our trained staff inspect the area thoroughly. Acting immediately will help to prevent the Chinch Bugs from totally invading and destroying your beautiful lawn.



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