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Carpenter Bees, also known as "Wood eaters", cause millions of dollars each year in damages to buildings (both residential and commercial) in the Central Florida area. The Carpenter Bee doesn't actually eat the wood, but instead, drill tunnels in the exterior of buildings, thus destroying the structural integrity of the wood. The male Carpenter Bee is large and aggressive and you will find them hovering around the nests. The female Carpenter Bee, if agitated will inflict pain by stinging you.


In the latle spring and early summer, you may see large black bees flying around outside of your home. These are carpenter bees. They are looking for a place to build their nest and to mate. The fertilized female will dig tunnels in soft unpainted or untreated wood to lay her eggs. She will dig a series of small cells around a ball of pollen which is what the larvae feed from. You can recognize Carpenter Bee nests by the perfectly round entrance to the tunnels. You may also find sawdust beneath the entry hole.


Country Boy Pest Control will solve your problem safely, quickly and affordably by implementing our Carpenter Bee Elimination Program that is environmentally safe and in accordance to the Integrated Pest Management Plan. We utilize the latest strategies, technologies, equipment and materials to eradicate your problem and to help keep it from returning.

For treatment of Carpenter Bees, we use a specially formulated insecticidal dust along with a special piece of equipment for dusting the trim in those high, inaccessible places that are difficult to reach. This equipment allows us to inject the dust into areas we can't get to easily. Once the holes have been treated, bees inside will be eliminated and "new occupants" will not "re-inhabit," as long as the treated holes are sealed and painted.
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