Ready to Relocate: Finding Out If Your New Home Is Already Occupied

architecture-1836070_640Moving is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful processes you can go through in life. Selling your old home, purchasing a new home, and then navigating the rocky waters of packing up and transporting your life's belongings from point A to point B means you'll be busy, tired, and (likely) stressed. Whether you’re moving 3 states away, or simply relocating across town, each move comes with complications and various to-do tasks that can overwhelm you if you aren't prepared.
One of these "to-do" items sometimes gets overlooked. While house showings, home inspections, and even having movers come in get priority on your calendar, have you scheduled your termite inspection before selling, or buying, a home? If not, you could be making a BIG mistake. Termites are not only a pest issue, but they also cause thousands of dollars in structural and aesthetic damage for homeowners each year, and are often unnoticed until it's too late. So what is your defense against these unwelcome house guests?
Having routine pest control treatments and pest inspections done on your home is your best defense against any type of insect or rodent activity. Not only will you benefit from this, but if you're selling your home, you're more likely to sell quickly and easily once buyers find out that your home has been well-maintained and kept up by investing in its ongoing care, including pest control. Termites are a huge concern for many home buyers, and if they know this won't be a problem, your house will be top of their list.
Another defense against pest invasions is knowing how to protect your home and preventing problems in the first place. Keep piles of wood, garbage cans, containers of water, shrubbery/trees, etc. away from the foundation and exterior of your home. These allow cover for unwanted insects and rodents, and in the case of subterranean termites, give them easy (and secret) access to your home. See, these termites can travel around, and up into, your home without you knowing they're there since they enjoy the moist, cool earth underground and can make mud tunnels leading right up the side of your foundation to the tasty wood that makes up the structure of your home. This is a dangerous issue, and could end up making your home uninhabitable (and therefore, unable to be sold) if the damage gets out of control.
If you are preparing to buy a new home here in the greater Polk County area, Country Boy Pest Control is here for your pest inspection needs. We offer not only termite inspections, but also check for rodents and nuisance insects as well. If anything is found, we are able to work alongside you (and/or your seller) to determine the best plan of action and get your home pest-free as soon as possible. If you're selling your home, consider us your helping hand in getting it sold faster. We can do a "pre-inspection" termite check, giving you credibility and to set you apart from the crowd. Give us a call for an estimate!
Good luck with your move!

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