Rainy Day Blues: Keeping Bugs Out When The Weather Turns Wet

puddle-690866_640Rainy season has arrived here in Central Florida, and as Polk County has been getting slammed with storms all day, every day, for the past week, Country Boy has been hearing plenty of complaints about invading insects from homeowners across the area.  While it's true that dry weather can drive insects indoors in search of water, nothing sends hordes of insects inside your home like a heavy rain.  It's frustrating to come in and find ants taking over your kitchen or bathroom, or see spiders or roaches making their way under your doors.

So, what can you do when the weather turns bad and the insects turn to you?

First, seal off any possible entry points into your home.  If air can get in, insects can too. That means any small crevices around the seals of your doors and windows, or even around dryer vents or pipes, can let creepy crawlies make their way into your home.  Use sealant to close off these points and keep the bugs outside where they belong.  An added perk?  It will lower your energy bills since your hard-earned cool air won't be escaping through these spaces, so your AC will run less.
Another helpful tip is to remove the temptation for pests to come inside.  Keep garbage contained, and take it out frequently.  Rinse cans and containers before putting them into your recycling bins, sweet and mop up crumbs and spills as they happen, and keep leftover food sealed up tightly and/or stored in the fridge.  Removing things that draw the bugs into your home is a great way to lower your chances of having them invade.

Finally, remove their "bridges" to get into your home.  Often, insects won't want to cross open areas when the rains are pouring down.  That's when they use the shelter of shrubs, trees, and debris to make their way to your home.  Keep your shrubs and trees pruned back from the sides of your home, and remove debris and clutter from around the exterior of your house.  Not only is it an aid for insects hiding from the rain, but it also attracts pests such as termites that can cause extensive damage to your home's structure.

The best way to keep the insects out this rainy season?  Call Country Boy.  We take care of controlling pests inside and outside of your home, meaning you don't end up with unwelcome visitors when the storms hit.  We serve the greater Winter Haven and Lakeland areas with top-quality pest services, and we give on the spot estimates so you know what to expect.  Give us a call and we'll come to you ASAP!

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