Naughty or Nice? Where Will YOU Fall on Our List?

checklist-1820055_640Christmas is almost here and we're all waiting to see if we've made the famous "Naughty or Nice" list this year. While we don't have a sneak peak for Santa's original copy, we do have our own version we'd like to share. See, pest control has it's own set of criteria for what you get in your stocking (like ant baits instead of lumps of coal) and we base it on a few key elements including:


Naughty: If you leave crumbs on the counter, spills on the floor, and forget to seal up food in containers or store it in the fridge, you're practically inviting ants to come in and have a party. That puts you directly on the Country Boy Naughty list!

Nice: Cleaning up spills as they happen, taking the time to sweep (or vacuum) up crumbs and mop the floors on a regular basis, and sealing up your food in either bags, tight-locking containers, or the fridge, means you are doing everything you can to keep ants outside where they belong. Look for your name on the Nice list!

Pet Care

Naughty: Did you forget to apply that flea and tick treatment for the last 6 months? How about that pet food you left open in the bag in your garage? Pet care is a huge factor in your pest control, and if you don't take basic measures as suggested by your pest professionals, you're left vulnerable to unwelcome critters.

Nice: Bathing your dog or cat on a regular basis, and applying their monthly flea and tick medication is vital to keeping your home free of pet-related pests. Fleas and ticks can quickly take over carpets, bedding, and furniture and they love nothing more than to hitch rides inside on your unsuspecting pet. Ants and roaches can also be a pet problem if you leave dog and/or cat food left in open bags in the garage or other parts of your home. These bugs LOVE pet food, and the only way to keep them at bay is by keeping food sealed in designated containers with tightly fitting lids.

Home Improvement

Naughty: If your door and window seals are missing or damaged, caulking around sinks and showers/tubs have been allowed to dry up, or shrubbery has grown around your foundation and exterior walls, you could be letting spiders, cockroaches, and other creepy-crawlies into your house without you ever knowing it. Home improvement and maintenance is vital in protecting your home against pests. Failing to keep up your house is definitely "naughty" by our standards.

Nice: Keeping your home solid and ready to withstand the storm of everyday pests that Central Florida throws at homeowners all year long means you make the Nice list!

While we are kidding about your Christmas morning spoils being based on your pest control efforts, we do urge you to think about your pest control as a team effort. The best defense against pests is a routine pest control plan, and Country Boy Pest Control is proud to serve the greater Polk County area with top-quality service in contractual plans, commercial plans, and even one-time treatments for specific issues. While we put in the hard work of protecting your home, you can improve the effectiveness further by taking the measures mentioned above and putting yourself at the top of the Country Boy Pest Control Nice list!

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