Mom’s the Word: The Do’s (and Don’ts) of Mother’s Day

mom-1372456_640Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, and we're sure many of you are scrambling around trying to come up with last minute gifts and reservations to make your other mom feel as special as she is to you.  We know she says she loves the popsicle stick birdhouses and the boxes of candy, but there are a few things we know she would really love and appreciate...and also a few things she wouldn't.

Want some ideas on how to treat your mom for Mother's Day 2017?

Breakfast in Bed

What she wants: A nice tray with some toast, some juice, and some fresh fruit is always great.  Add an omelet or some bacon and you have a delicious breakfast made just for mom!  A small vase of flowers or a card made by you is a great touch.

What she doesn't want: A roach would certainly spoil her breakfast tray (and probably make her sick)!  Roaches are definitely NOT how you want to start off her Mother's Day.

Clean the Bathrooms and Kitchen

What she wants: A spotless kitchen and a pristine bathroom are great ways to say thank you to mom for all she does.  Taking the load of these cleaning projects off of her for a few days is definitely appreciate far after the mirror and counters are once again dirtied.  Have her bathrobe and some towels freshly washed and dried if you want her to feel extra special.

What she doesn't want: A trail of ants marching across her bathroom counter would not help her get into the Mother's Day mood.  After all, who wants to share their toothbrush with bugs?

Out to Dinner

What she wants: A nice, relaxing dinner at a restaurant of her choice would make any mom feel like a million bucks on her special day.  Open doors for her, pull out her chair, and opt for dessert to keep the celebration going!

What she doesn't want: After she's spent all that time on her hair, her makeup, and her outfit for her special evening out, your mom probably wouldn't react kindly to walking through a cobweb on her way to the car.  Spiders and moms historically do not get along.

A Quiet Bubblebath
What she wants: Moms appreciate some quiet time to themselves since they don't get much during a normal week.  A quiet evening relaxing in a bubblebath could be exactly what your mom needs.  Make it even better by buying her a favorite bath gel or some bath bombs, and have a cup of coffee or tea ready for her when she gets out!

What she doesn't want: A mouse surprising her during her quiet bath would certainly ruin the entire experience.  Mice, like spiders, don't have a great relationship history with mothers.

Make the ladies in your life feel appreciated and loved this Mother's Day by trying one of the ideas above, or coming up with your own.  Want to prevent the "don'ts" we mentioned? All you need to do is call us.  Country Boy Pest Control helps clear your home of ants, roaches, spiders, and even rodents, and we can come out to give you an on-the-spot estimate so you are ready for Mother's Day, and every day, pest-free.

Happy Mother's Day to all our moms here in Polk County and beyond.  We are so thankful for all you do!

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