Hacking Your Packing: Tips to Keep the Bugs Away from Your Picnic

aesthetic-2093136_640Summer means folks are out enjoying time swimming, beach-combing, camping, and of course, picnicking. While picnics are great fun, they can also be a headache, especially here in Florida where we have no shortage of pests (including rodents!) and they can overtake your lunch faster than you can unpack it. There's no reason you should let a few bugs, or squirrels, ruin your panic. Try these hacks to make your picnic a success while keeping it pest-free.

  • Bring along cupcake liners with your napkins and your plastic forks. No, you won't be doing any baking while in the great outdoors, but cupcake liners make GREAT drink covers when outside. Simply poke your straw through the liner, and slide it down over the top of your cup (or can) to keep bugs away! This tip works great at barbecues and outdoor parties too.
  • Pack food in sealable containers. Reusable containers that have tight-fitting lids not only keep your food safe and sound on the trip to your destination, but they also keep pests OUT of your food until you get a chance to eat it. This is especially great for fruit, nuts, pastas/salads, etc. The best part is, you're also being environmentally friendly, since you won't be wasting plastic bags after you finish your feast. Simply pack the containers up, take them home and wash them, and put them away for the next outdoor adventure!
  • Invest in a good cooler, or a picnic tote that can be closed and sealed. Not only will insects be after your tasty choices, but squirrels love to crash a picnic too. If you walk away to hit up a nearby playground, go on a nature walk, or even just back to the car for some wipes or some sunscreen, you could come back to find your lunch ruined. A cooler that locks shut, or a picnic tote that has a zipper or strong clasps, is the best way to go if you picnic regularly. This keeps your picnic packed up and safe even if you aren't right beside it at all times.
  • Bring a citronella candle. If you are picnicking in the evening, or if you are near water (which is a likely scenario here in Polk County), mosquitoes could ruin a fun day of picnicking and exploring. Lighting a citronella candle and placing it on the table while you enjoy your picnic can keep the bugs at bay.
  • Clean up after yourself. Be considerate of fellow picnickers and don't leave a mess behind when you finish. Your spills, garbage, and other messes can attract insects and rodents, and ruin the picnic site for the next person who comes along. No one wants to sit down at a table crawling with ants from a soda spill, or eat where squirrels have congregated and are munching on leftovers. Make sure you pack up all garbage and put it in a provided trash bin, or seal it up and take it with you if no designated spot is provided. Consider wiping down the picnic table with a wipe if you made a substantial mess, or at the very least, splash a little water on any specific spills that might have happened by accident.

We hope these hacks make your next picnic a raving success, and that many more fun outdoor eating adventures will follow! If pests are bothering you in your own backyard, you need more than hacks. Country Boy Pest Control offers indoor AND outdoor pest control services to keep you comfortable in and around your home all year long. Give us a call for an estimate of your personalized pest control plan.

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