Got Chinch? It’s a Cinch!

Brown, dead-looking patches in your lawn don’t always mean you aren’t watering enough or that your grass is suffering from drought conditions.  Here in Florida, there’s a good chance that if your yard looks like this…



then you probably have chinch bugs.  These little guys wreak havoc on your lawn by sucking the moisture out of your beautiful blades of grass, then injecting a poison into them, resulting in the death of potentially large patches of your yard.

If you have chinch bugs, you definitely need to call in the professionals.  Measures can be taken to rid your yard of the existing bugs, and to prevent new ones from establishing themselves in your grass.

At Country Boy Pest Control, we offer multiple services to protect your yard and landscaping from a wide array of pests, chinch bugs included.  You can get a yard spray and/or an ornamental and shrub spray to protect your property from damage caused by insects.  Check out the “Our Services” page for more details, then call to schedule your appointment so we can help you keep your yard looking beautiful this summer!

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