Getting Ready for Guests…or Pests?

bed-1839183_640With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, homeowners around Polk County are preparing for the holiday by picking out the perfect bird for roasting, pulling out old family recipes, and for those with family and close friends who live far away, possibly preparing for out-of-town guests. While you're preparing for those guests, you could discover that you've had some other "visitors" staying with you much longer than a Thanksgiving holiday weekend without you even knowing they're in your home!

Pests are the ultimate unwanted guests, yet they frequent homes here in Central Florida all year long. When you're preparing for Thanksgiving this year, watch for evidence of these pesky squatters such as:

  • Mussed linen closets and/or drawers. If your linen closet, or any closet or drawer that you don't use often, looks a little less organized than when you last opened it, you could have a pest problem. Rodents love these types of spaces, and have been known to next amongst towels and sheets if they're able to gain access to the closet or drawer space. Insects can also infest these spaces since they are dark and usually undisturbed, so keep your peepers peeled when you pull out those sheets for your guest bed!
  • "Evidence" left behind. Both rodent and insect pests leave behind plenty of droppings if they have been spending time in your cabinets, closets, or drawers.
  • Nibbled cords, wires, or wood. If you see wires or cords in your home that appear to have ben chewed on, or if you find holes or chewed areas on wood in your home, you could have a rodent problem. This is especially dangerous since chewed wires can spark fires or pose an electrocution risk.

If you notice evidence of some unwelcome visitors, you could already have an infestation. It's important to act quickly when you find signs that rodents and/or insects have taken hold in your home, since they can carry disease and threaten you and your family. No one wants to share their Thanksgiving holiday with pests. Country Boy Pest Control is here for you, and we will make sure your only guests this holiday season are the ones you actually invited. Give us a call for an estimate and to make an appointment with one of our qualified technicians!

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