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Not-So-Fancy Feast: Keeping Critters Out of Your Pet’s Food

It's a situation dreaded by pet-owners everywhere. You come in to feed your pet and find out that critters other than Fido or kitty have been chowing down. Whether food remnants left in the bowl have attracted a few ants, or the food has been attacked by rodents right out of the container, no pet…
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Air Out Your Lawn: Lawn Aeration Service from Country Boy

We all know how important air is for us as humans.  Breathing is pretty important for living things, and without the air, breathing just wouldn't happen!  But, did you know that your lawn needs air too?  And not just from the surface.  Even the roots can use a good dose of clean air every now…
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Get Your Yard Ready for Hurricane Season!

[caption id="attachment_2274" align="alignleft" width="284"] Thin out foliage for a (mostly) wind-proof tree![/caption] Here in Central Florida, we are fortunate to be sheltered from many strong storms and hurricanes that plague the coast.  However, we definitely have our share of hurricanes that do make it inland, and those can cause some major damage to your property…
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