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Get Low: Going Below The Surface of Your Home

If you walk around your yard, chances are you'll spot some residents in your shrubs, trees, and grasses.  Ladybugs, butterflies, bees, and even frogs and lizards are likely active right now since it's Springtime here in Central Florida, and they are enjoying the warm temperatures and comfortable breezes.  However, the activity isn't only taking place…
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Time for Spring Fling: Give Us A Ring!

Spring is here, and with it comes the time for planting here in Central Florida.  Many gardeners are putting their Fall harvests in the ground now, and will be tending them over the coming summer months.  Gardening here in Florida can be harder than it is for our northern neighbors, because our sandy soil, high…
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Rain Rain Go Away…Or Does It Keep The Bugs at Bay?

Rainy season is quickly approaching here in Central Florida, and before long we can all but set our watches by the daily afternoon thundershowers.  Along with the excessive amounts of rain during the early summer months, Florida is also known for our wide array of insect species, and they tend to show up most around…
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