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Invaders in The Night

Over the last few weeks I have been made aware of customer sightings of scorpions. Scorpions are one of the oldest know groups of arthropod’s. Their bodies have virtually remained the same. In Florida we mainly deal with two groups though there are over 800 species world wide. Of the two groups we deal with…
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Notes on February Gardening

February: What to Plant- Bedding plants: Plants that perform better in cooler months include petunias, pansies, jerbena, dianthis. Azalea- Azaleas will come in to full bloom this month. Great time to add to your landscape. Vegetables- Begin planting warm season crops. Beans, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and squash. What to do- Prune roses to remove damaged…
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Cultural Practices for Healthy lawns

Cultural practices include things like mowing height,irrigation,fertilization,and items like aeriation and dethatching. The application of fungicides and insecticides correlates with the proper cultural practices that a homeowner implements. Mowing height keep sharpened mower blades to prevent the ragged appearance of the blades being ripped instead of a clean cut never remove over 1/3 of the…
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