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Getting Ready for Guests…or Pests?

With Thanksgiving coming up quickly, homeowners around Polk County are preparing for the holiday by picking out the perfect bird for roasting, pulling out old family recipes, and for those with family and close friends who live far away, possibly preparing for out-of-town guests. While you're preparing for those guests, you could discover that you've…
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While You’re Away, The Pests Will Play

Throughout the months of October and November, we enjoy welcoming our "snowbird" residents back to Polk County and helping them settle back into their Floridian routine. Oftentimes, seasonal residents have a long list of to-dos facing them when they return from their summer travels up North, and pest control can be at the top of…
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Who Needs Bandaids When You Have…Bees?

Bugs have all types of uses. From eating pests on our flowers and trees (thank you ladybugs!) to enriching our soil and helping things grow (the humble earthworm), insects are beneficial to our world in a variety of ways, and have been for thousands of years. A use for insects you may have never considered…
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Pests and Pumpkins: Keep Your Fall Decor Fresh This Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and people all over Polk County are pulling out their festive decorations, stocking up on candy, and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. Many of the fall decorations you see people use in and around their homes are made of natural materials, and therefore, have the tendency to attract pests…
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